Post-Launch Update

Hey everyone!

It’s been a very eventful month since launching The Mortuary Assistant and I’ve tried my best to stay on top of as many bugs as possible. It’s a never ending battle but I’ll keep pushing to make everyone’s experience in MA as smooth as possible

Bug fixing is an eternal battle though so it will be taking a seat alongside new work I’m exploring for the game. I wanted to take a moment to share with everyone my plans for the near future of The Mortuary Assistant. I’m passionate about supporting my creations beyond launch so please have a look at what I have in store for future launch support. These changes will not necessarily be in this order but they are all on the post-launch roadmap.

Bug fixing

Bugs will always be a constant. There’s no avoiding it. I will always do my best to keep on top of fixes while creating new content and larger improvements.

Performance improvements / Lower-end computer support

I know the game runs well on a number of machines but there are others who experience crashes or freezes that I want to address. I’ve noticed a number of the complaints are on lower system specs than recommended but I still want to work on more granular graphics settings and other tasks to try and get MA working for as many people as possible.

Steam Deck Support

This is a smaller goal that I will probably be working on later once I actually get my hands on a deck. I’ve done some work already but obviously want to have the device in my hands testing before I’m confident.

Non-Story mode, Bodies, and Lore Update

I will be pushing out a handful of new bodies in the near future with some additional lore for people to find. I will also be adding a mode that does not run story events for those who have seen it all and simply want a “night in the life of Rebecca” style mode.


I’ve been asked about localization a lot and it will be happening. This is something I need to get through with my publisher and it’s simply been a busy time for everyone with all the conventions going on that they are traveling to. (I will be going to PAX West myself soon) once this round of conventions is all done with, it will much easier to start hammering out details.

Larger Bodies and Content Update

I am going to try and push for a more major content update for Halloween. I can’t promise it, but I want to do as much as I can. The goal is to provide a number of new bodies as well as a new ending. If it can’t make it for Halloween, it will come shortly after.

Embalming Only Mode

This is a larger task as the embalming system is rooted pretty heavily into the haunt system. I will need to lift it and build a new base. I am uncertain yet if this will be an inexpensive DLC or a free update depending on the work-load to do it and the level of content I pour into it. Knowing me, I will probably end up wanting to expand some things. I don’t like creating new systems without amping them up so we’ll see.

New Story

In the more distant future, I plan on building a new set of story elements into the game. They may be from a new protagonist, from Raymond, or something else entirely. I’m not certain yet. But long-term, I plan to provide additional story experiences to the game to further flesh out the universe and give everyone something new and fun to check out.



So that’s what I have planned moving forward. Obviously, MA will continue to grow and I will take care of it for as long as everyone wants to keep playing it (and probably longer because I’m a loser like that!) I will also be slowly taking on other work soon (all pretty exciting stuff that I hope I can share in the near future) as well as starting to toy with new project ideas in a few months.

I wanted to thank each and every one of you for your support and playing the game. It means a whole lot to me to see everyone enjoying it and it’s beyond anything a single developer could have hoped for.

I know I’m not extremely vocal on the community boards at the moment but believe me when I say I read them all and am working to fix everything I see! It would just be a massive time sink to interact with every post made. So I apologize, but know that you are heard and I am working hard to address everyone’s issues, hopes, and concerns.

Thank you again and have fun keeping those demons at bay!