The Mortuary Assistant FAQ

Now that I have managed to get over Covid, I wanted to take a moment to address a number of things I get asked on Twitter and DMs pretty often. I figured it would be nice to be able to point people to something that answers most of their questions. This post is not addressing technical game questions as those are mostly handled through Steam or Twitter. This post is more focused on questions I simply get pretty often. I’ll add to this if I think of anything else in the future so please have a quick look and see if I have an answer for you somewhere in here!


Is the game coming to console?

Yes. However, I don’t know what consoles yet. My publisher has a porting team that is currently looking at all options. It takes a while to do the initial port work and then we can dive further into what consoles can be supported. So it is in the works but I have no further details yet.

Will there be a VR version?

This is something I can’t officially say since my publisher would obviously want to know and be involved. I do love VR and would like to work on it but I would want to do it well. I don’t want to just slap VR support on the current game. I would want to take an approach where I utilize VR for every step like actually doing the motions for cavity filling, cutting into the skin, etc.

That would mean a good deal of new work to make that happen which is why I can’t definitively say yet. I have a lot of other things in the works keeping me busy and I would need to correctly plan out a VR design. So it’s not off the table at all and I would love to do it but I don’t want to be lazy about it.

Can I localize your game?

Localization is being handled by my publisher and a 3rd party company. The goal is to tackle as many languages as possible with a predictable quality for all languages supported so while I greatly appreciate the desire to help, it is currently being handled.

Can I work on the game with you?

I currently have everything planned out for my standard workload. I have started outsourcing a few code fixes here and there to another dev which sort of fills that role. I greatly appreciate everyone that has contacted me wanting to help on the game but at this point in time, I try to plan out my projects to work with my usual solo pipeline. The process has been working well for me so I have no current plans to expand much.

I have a game idea. Can you make it?

I’m really flattered when someone wants me to bring their idea to life. However, I have a lot of new projects spinning up with DreadXP as well as my personal plans for Patreon and Mortuary Assistant support. I have a lot of plates spinning these days which, unfortunately, means I need to focus on my own projects fully.

Will there be DLC and other new content?

Yes! I have outlined long-term support in another blog post for MA but I also would like to do a larger DLC that dives a bit deeper in to Raymond and his story.

Can I get a key for your game?

If you are a streamer, press, or content creator and want to inquire about a key for MA, my publisher currently handles all those key distributions. I have a few of my own but I keep them for random giveaways and other random acts of kindness. I prefer to keep direct key requests in the hands of my publisher so they can keep better track of where they are going. You can contact them directly via Twitter DMs easily @DreadXPGames