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  • The time is almost here where you will get your first taste of the Out. Before you strap on that uniform with your CEG badge and jump into your complementary starship; here are some important things to know! DEMO Access to the demo is free and available on the main page of the Kickstarter . This demo will provide you with an introduction experience into the Out. You will be able to customize your ship, purchase new equipment for your ship and battle unique enemies. Keep in mind the demo is just a taste of the game, nothing is finalized. We hope that some of you will provide some early feedback as well. Although the Kickstarter is not live just yet, you can follow it to be notified as soon as it goes live and start downloading the demo. The file is new and not many downloads yet so you may have to adjust your virus protection when you attempt to download it. FOLLOW If you are not already following DSD on social media, you should be. Updates will be posted to Twitter and Instagram. If you have missed the streams on Twitch and want to see some of the process, Brian does post Dev Blog videos to YouTube occasionally. PLEDGE Kickstarters only work if you the Viewer and Fan pledge to fund the game. Although the game already has 6 months of work in it, there is still so much more DSD would like to do to the game. With your pledges, things like local multiplayer, more ship designs, more contracts, etc. become possible in Outstation. The most basic pledge is just $5 and gets your name in credits of the game. At $25 you get the game when it launches, wallpapers, and the awesome Original Soundtrack from the game. Larger pledges will get you items like T-Shirts, a custom poker chip, postcards and more. My favorite tier though, is the $200 pledge. Not only will you get all the awards of the lower pledges but you also will receive an original poster designed by yours truly that is signed by Brian himself. Every backer is important and I think you will love the rewards. STREAMING If you are a streamer and want to stream the demo, you are free to! We would love to see you play it so please post your link here or tweet it out @DSDigitalDev. I also saved the best for last, so if you don't know what Outstation is then you should watch this sexy trailer that just came out today. That music though. See you in the Out! -Mason B
  • There is a new post going over some of the new weapon system stuff. Though I will providing a more in-depth video soon. NEW WEAPON SYSTEM
  • A new development update has been posted for Outstation in the Dev Blog area! https://www.darkstonedigital.com/post/outstation-dev-update